My darling in Japan (*≧∇≦*)♡

From August 1st until August 15th, my darling Seb came to visit me in Fukuoka ♡ Even if I was working the first week, we had so much fun in Fukuoka! On the second week, we went to Kobe to visit my former host family ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ We had so much fun during these two weeks!

On the first day, I had my first movie presentation (a french anime, called “Le Jour des Corneilles”) so he went to participate, and after it, we went to the garden next to the Institute (Ôhori kôen 大濠公園) to see the fireworks! It was really pretty, even though a little bit too long…
On Sunday, August 3rd, we went to Kitakyushu 北九州 to meet our friend Marina-japonaise and her boyfriend! We ate delicious tuna, went to a wonderful waterfall lost in the mountain (Sugao no taki 菅生の滝), relaxed in a onsen and saw the fireworks of Kokura castle 小倉城! It was a perfect day with them ♡

During the following weekdays, since I was working, Seb visited Dazaifu 大宰府 and Ôhori kôen, and relaxed a lot in the library of the Institute ^^ We also had diner in a wonderful yakiniku 焼肉 (grilled slices of meat) and in the well-known French restaurant of Paul Bocuse in Hakata 博多!

Obon-yasumi お盆休み (Bon festival, the Buddhist festival of the dead) started for me on Saturday 9th! A typhoon was coming but despite the strong wind, we went to Yanagawa 柳川 to ride a boat and do the rive punting tour! Unfortunately, we didn’t eat unagi 鰻 (an eel), but our bentô we made the previous day (haha!). It was a wonderful and lovely day spent together! ♡ After it, we went to the airport to take our flight, which was delayed because of the typhoon… we made it to the Kansai International Airport, but missed the last bus which was supposed to take us to Kôbe, so we spent the night on the VIP room of the airport (yeah!!)
On August 10th, we took the first bus to go to Kôbe, and made it safely to my family’s house, followed by the strong typhoon…!
We then spent the day at home, playing with the kids, and then went to see the movie Gozilla before having dinner all together in a nice restaurant.

The next day, we went to Universal Studio Japan with Yûchan, Satoshi and Okâsan! We had soo much fun together! Definitely love this place! Even if the Harry Potter attraction was so crowded that we hadn’t get the chance to go there…
On August 12th, my friend Marion and two friends of her came to Kôbe and we went hiking in Mount Rokko 六甲山! We wanted to go aaall the way up to Arima onsen 有馬温泉 but since the typhoon was pretty strong two days before, as long as we were getting to the top, the mountain was getting more and more dangerous, and eventually impassable… we then took a bus to get down and we parted each other. It was a fun day and we were really really happy to see Marion!

On August 13rd, we spent the day together in Fushimi Inari 伏見稲荷 in Kyôto 京都 and stopped on our way back in Ikuta jinja 生田神社 in Kôbe! It was such a perfect day spent in a really calm and reposing place (*≧∇≦*)
We spent our last day together in Japan with my lovely little Japanese sister Yôchan, a friend of the family Kana-chan, and my lovely friends Reiko, Makoto and Shiho! We walked around in Kitano 北野 on the morning, had lunch in an okonomiyaki restaurant お好み焼き (a meat/seafood vegetable pancake) before Makoto left us to his part time job! Then we went to Harbor Land, before joining Okâsan and Kana-chan’s mum who were waiting for us in the beach in Asagiri 朝霧 (half-way from Sannomiya 三ノ宮, the center of Kôbe, to our house)! There we did suika-wari 西瓜割り (watermelon bust) before eating a delicious curry rice made by Okâsan! Before sleeping, we did a last fireworks in front of our house ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Seb went back to Paris on August 15th, early in the morning, before starting his internship there (´;ω;`) It was two fabulous, lovely, perfect weeks with him ♡ !!! Daisuki ♡

Fukuoka now!

I arrived in Fukuoka on the 12th, late at night, and Antoine, the guy who was doing the internship until the end of July, came to pick me up at the airport before going to the guest house (Sharely Style Hakata) he was living in (and the one I am now living in)!

On the next day, I met up with my lovely Japanese friend Marina-japonaise (we were working in the same Japanese restaurant in Lyon) in Tenjin 天神, where we ate delicious Hakata ramen ou Tonkotsu-ramen (博多ラーメン・豚骨ラーメン, la spécialité d’Hakata, ramen aux os de porc)! We talked a lot since we hadn’t met since she left Lyon on the end of February… It was a really nice day ♡

On July 19th-20th, I went to Kumamoto 熊本 to see my French friend Marion (we were at the same uni’ in Lyon) and my American friend Zak (which I met on the Tonda program last year)! I arrived late at night so we just went to an izakaya, but we spent the next whole day walking around in the nature! It was beautiful (despite the mosquitoes) and really fun with them! Love you ♡

On July 28th, a few days before Antoine left Fukuoka, we went to an island near Fukuoka named Nokonoshima のこの島 with Erika (who’s working in the French Institute) and a French friend of her! Taking the boat, walking in the bamboo forest and chilling on the beach (*≧∇≦*) Sounds like holidays!

Japan, I’m back! (3) – A few days in Kobe ♪

For my third time in Japan, a year after my month in Kobe in 2013, I arrived in Kobe on July 9th, and stayed until the 12th, to see my friends and my host family, before starting my internship in Fukuoka 福岡 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
I spent the first morning walking around with Makoto in Kobe before having lunch with Okâsan! Then, I met the KIEC staff, Shiho and Reiko just before flying to Fukuoka ♡ Feels good to be back home!

4 days in Nagahama, with Yochan (*≧∇≦*)

On June 27th, I went to Nagahama to meet my former Bunraku-sensei and Yoshii-san! I was able to join the guys who were doing the program this year on a field trip to Hiei-san 比叡山! I definitely love this mysterious place! And everyone was sooo nice!
Yochan joined me on the 29th, and we stay there for two days 🙂 On 29th evening, the students organized a fireworks party for us (*≧∇≦*) so lovely ♡

A month with my lovely friends ♡

A month is not enough to do everything you want and see everyone you’d like to, but a lot of my friends manage to see me during my short stay!
Arigatô ♡

Kobe, I’m back ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

On 2013 June 11th, I flew back to Kobe! A lot of things happened during the 10 months I’ve spent in Lyon! And I also decided to write my master’s dissertation about Food Education in Japan, and how it influences Japanese women-wifes-mothers. That’s why I decided to go back for a month, trying to find all the information I needed for my research. Okâsan helped me a lot with that, introducing me to the kindergarten’s staff, where I was able to carry out a survey among the parents.

During my time there, I also spent a lot of time with my host family! I was so happy to see them again ♡

2012 August 29th, my last day in Japan…(///▽///)

So, here it cames… It’s unbelievable how fast time flows…
On my last day there, I went to the Kobe Glico Factory with my favorite little monster Yuchan! It was really cute *w*
And we made a huge dinner for Satoshi‘s birthday ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ ! As usual, both meal and desert handmade by Okaasan were  really delicious!!! I definitely miss them a lot ♡


Before I fly back to France, all my friends who were still in Japan manage to see me (*≧∇≦*)
I’ll never forget this wonderful Year in Japan, this once-in-a-lifetime experience, my first time in Japan!
Love you all ♡

USJ with Yôchan ♡

On August 16th, I spend the all day at Universal Studio Japan with my little sister! It was a great day, full of laugh, love and happiness ♡

Back to see the Sôgôundôkôen’s fireworks

I went back to Kôbe on August 10th, after spending the day with Robert! A little bit sad to say goodbye to the Tonda family and to him, but so happy to go back to my lovely city!
On August 11th, after spending the day playing flute and horn with the children, we all went to the next train’s stop (called 総合運動公園 Sôgôundôkôen, litteraly “parc of general sports) to see our last fireworks festival!