July – Tonda Field Trips (*´ω`*)

On July 6th, we went to Hieizan 比叡山, a beautiful temple in the prefecture of Shiga. The rainy weather gave a really peaceful atmosphere to the place, it was really wonderful and full of serenity. When we went back to Tonda, we stopped to see the little Torii 鳥居 in the water (almost the same as the one in Miyajima 宮島 where I went with Konan University, except that the one in Shiga is not famous ^^).

On July 13th, we went to Kinomoto 木之元, a little village really close by Tonda, to visit a Shamisen’s strings factory. They make strings not only for Japanese Shamisen in all the country, but also for Chinese and Corean Shamisen 🙂 It was really interesting to see how they make it and why it is so easily breakable.
Then we went to the Grand Golf to spend the whole afternoon playing golf and then relaxing in the Onsen (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I definitely love onsen and miss it so much now >.< And then, I finally took the train to go back to Kobe in my lovely family ♥♥♥ (see next posts)

On July 31st, it was the last field trip of the program… We went to Nara 奈良 and we first went to the Tôdaiji 東大寺, which houses the world’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha 大仏 Daibutsu (Height: 14,98m / Face: 5,33m /Eyes: 1,02m / Nose: 0,5m / Ears: 2,54m). One of the interesting (and funny) things is that there is a hole in a supporting post, apparently the same size as one of the Daibutsu’s notrils. Legend is that those who pass through it will be blessed with enlightenment in their next life (and we all passed(*^-^*)ノ !)
Then, we ate a really delicious Japanese lunch and visit some other pagoda and temples. The grandchild of one of the volunteer was also here, so we had lots of fun playing with him 😀