July 15th~17th – Gion Festival 祇園祭

As I said in the previous post, I woke up early on the 15th to take the train to Kyôto, where all my Tonda buddies were waiting for me. We were spending three days there for the Gion Festival, which is the most famous Japanese festival. This festival basically goes for the entire month of July, and is crowned by a parade on July 17th, the Yamaboko Junkô 山鉾巡行. (More information on Wiki or here-Japanese only).
We spent our first day in Kyôto in Fushimi Inari, eating the bentô our hostfamily made for us (my Kôbe hostmum made it for me ♡). As usual, Eric and I were racing and chasing each other and Roisin was laughing at us xD (Guys I miss you so much!). Then, we went back to the hotel, wore our yukata, and had a drink before going out in Kyôto’s streets where the festival was going on.

On the next day, July 16th, I went with Roisin and Eric to have breakfast in a nice coffee place before walking around in the Gion district. We even saw a geisha (It was probably a maiko tho but anyway) ! Then, we met everyone in the hotel for lunch before going to the Imperial Garden 京都御所 (Japanese or English only) with Roisin and Eric ♡.

On the 17th, I met Nana, U-chan and Will to see the main parade. We stood in the corner of one of the main streets for hours to be sure to have the best spot (lol). It was really hot (as always at this period in Kyôto) and it was so crowded we couldn’t even do a step. But we hadn’t seen each other for two months (except Nana) and were so happy to be together that it didn’t matter a lot.
After the parade, we spent the whole afternoon together before going back to our home, Kôbe for Nana, U-chan and Will and Nagahama for me and my Bunraku buddies 🙂

It was a really fun time in Kyôto, and thanks to this little trip, I got to like Kyôto very much \(^ω^)/

June 17th – The Nutcracker Ballet at Lake Biwa Hall with Robert ♥

In Kônan University, Robert‘s (the one from Germany, not the one involved in the Bunraku Program) Japanese teacher Morikawa-sensei invited Robert and me to her daughter’s ballet performance (*ω*) It was in the Lake Biwa Hall 滋賀県立芸劇場びわ湖ホール, a really beautiful theater (*ω*) and it was a wonderful ballet, with a wonderful flute orchestra —only women— ☆彡 I have no word to describe this amazing show *ω* I’ll never thanks enough Morikawa-sensei to invited us to such a wonderful show ! And it was a wonderful day spent with Robert (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) ♥

(the fifth last pictures are from Robert 🙂 )

Fushimi Inari & Ginkakuji ♥

On June 2d, I went with Nana, Hiromi, Kôhei and Chris to Kyôto where Kôhei guided us into Fushimi Inari 伏見稲荷 and Ginkakuji 銀閣寺 (the Silver Pavilion)

It was the first time we were going to Fushimi Inari, a wonderful (the most wonderful) temple in Kyôto, dedicated to the foxs, and to the Silver Pavilion, way much better than the Golden Pavilion (I mean, the Golden Pavilion itself is really beautiful, but the Silver Pavilion has a really beautiful garden, which is way much better than the one in the Golden Pavilion ^^). It was a daydream (*ω*)

May 3rd&4th – Shikoku 四国♡

On the 3rd and 4th, right after going home from Fukuoka and for the last days of Golden Week, my host-family brought me to Shikoku ! We left early on the morning, and went my car to Kochi Prefecture 高知県 (*ω*) Of course, it was a beautiful trip with them, a trip I’ll never forget ♡♡♡ Like everything else, I’ll never thank them enough for everything they did for me ♡ 心からありがとう♡

April 28th~May 2d – Fukuoka 福岡

From April 28th until May 2d, since it was Golden Week, I went with Baby-Matt, Michael, Caraline and Pomai to Fukuoka 😀

We stayed in a really nice hostel, Khaosan, where I met a really kind Thai girl, Nattsu 😀
We visited Fukuoka, and some places near by; we also went to some islands a little bit further (it was so expensive though that it didn’t really worth it >.< ). We spent a lot of money, but in the end, it was a really nice trip with them ♡ Thank you guys !

April – friends ♡

April was a really special month. First of all, on the 1st, I went to do ice-skating with my host-family. And as a (bad) joke, someone made me fall, and I had my right wrist dislocated … I went to the hospital, and after a week, had a surgery, a plate in my wrist and a cast for one month, and then one month of reeducation.

During these two months, my host-family, my friends, my teachers and the KIEC members helped me a lot. I will never thanks them enough. They made these two months beautiful, and they made me forget about my wrist. They were perfect ♡

On the 4th started all the pique-nique we did with my friends 😀 we went almost everywhere, from the little park near our university until Sakura no mura 桜野村 and over big places.
For this first day, we went to the little park near our university “岡本「桜守り」公園”, where there’re many kinds of Sakura trees. I went with Michael and Caroline who helped me a lot ♡

On the 6th, I went with my dear friends Nana, U-chan, Will and Kohei ♡ Despite the rain, the flowers were still beautiful (*ω*)

The next day, on the 7th, I went with Lindsey, Suyun, Ashley, Pomai and Will to Shukugawa 夙川 —near Lindsey’s house— where we spent almost all the day. And around 4:30pm, I went to Sakura no miya 桜ノ宮 with Kohei, where I met all my french friends from Lyon, and our Japanese friends who came studying in Lyon for one year ♡ It was a beautiful day; I was really happy to meet everyone ♡

Then, on the 8th, I went to Kyoto with Kohei, Baby-Matt, David, Tomoyo and Reiko to the “Hanami Francophone”. It was a great day with them ♥

On the 12th, we —the students— did brought our bento and ate in the 「桜守り公園」 near our university. It was, as always, a great day with everyone. Suyun, Lindsey, Amy, Will, Kohei, Robert, Paul, Michael, David, Mitch, Larry, Alister, Ashley, Ryan … 来てくれてありがとう ♡ Love you guys ♡

The next day, on the 13th, I met Nana and Hiromi to eat lunch in the 「桜守り公園」, and after that, we met Suyun to go to the Sakura tunnel 桜のトンネル. It started to rain, but it was still beautiful (*ω*)

On the 15th, Suyun‘s host-family organized a BBQ near their place, in Sumiyoshi river 住吉川. They also invited Suyun‘s friends (*ω*) Suyun was really lucky with this host-family, they are always really nice, and their two children are so cute (*ω*)
It was a great day with Suyun, Kohei, Ryan, Alister and Baby-Matt ♥

Then, on the 18th, Michael and Ashley went to Sannomiya with me to do shopping, and we had a break in the Starbucks ♪ and late in the afternoon, I met Lindsey to eat crepes in Baskin Robbins —it was the last day for the Easter flavors ^^—

And on the 27th, I ate lunch with Nana, U-chan, Tomoyo, Kohei and Will, and we eat the Taiwanese cakes I received from Aiko ♡♡♡ This time, I didn’t have my cast anymore, and I was about to go on a (beautiful) trip with some friends ♪

March with my friends ♥

March was a month full of experiences and new places ^^

First of all, on the 2d, I went with Suyun and Ashley in a restaurant in Sannomiya where we ate cheap and delicious Omerice (*ω*) Before eating, we filled a little form for Mother’s Day … and I won for my host-mum ♡ ( 😀 )

On the 5th, I met Tomoyo and we went shopping in Tarumi 垂水 ! As always, it was a really good time spent with her ♡ and we ended the day in a little bar/restaurant, where the atmosphere is really really nice (*ω*)

The next day, on the 6th, I met two friends, Sayaka and Chieko, near my place to eat dinner with them. I met Sayaka when I went to a karaoke with Kohei and Takashi one day, where we just sang Chinese songs, and since we sympathized well, we decided to meet again 🙂 Chieka is a friend of Sayaka and she’s learning French (she passed the French exam level 1, and she studied everything by her own *ω*). Nice time with them; plus I had the chance to meet Chieka‘s young daughter, a really cute girl who is doing ballet !

On the 9th, once Seb went back to Tokyo, I met Lindsey, Amy and Ashley in Sannomiya and we went to a Shisha bar ^^

The next day, on the 10th, I went with Amy, Ashley, Caroline, Lindsey, Suyun, Kim —Suyun‘s lovely friend—to Kamo 加茂 (near Kyoto) to the International Tea Farm Festival !!! It was really well organized, with a lot of farmers from all around the world who were really surprised to see 7 girls in such a countryside place (lol) We ate and drank a lot of … tea :p It was a really really nice day with them ♡♡♡ Plus, after that, we went to Caro‘s house to eat a girls’ dinner with her host-family for Hina Matsuri (*ω*) Her host-mum cooked so many things ! It was a really fun night ♪

On the 11th, Takashi organized at his place Nana and U-chan‘s birthday party (*ω*) We went to a baseball game center —it was my first time doing baseball 😮 but it was really fun !—, and then to his house where we ate a delicious lunch, gave Nana and U-chan many presents and took a lot of pictures ♡

Then, Lindsey and Suyun celebrated their birthday in an English bar in Sannomiya —Izn’ton the 16th ♪ There were a lot of friends, we drank a lot, and “talked” a lot with the staff (LOL at Amy xD) and ended the party in a karaoke … (which I don’t remember 😮 ) Happy Birthday to my beloved friends Lindsey and Suyun ! 大大大好きだよ♡

Then, on the 21st, I met with Shiho, Cara and Pomai for lunch, and we went to Nishinomiya Gardens to eat in a delicious Hawaiian restaurant —Pomai is from Hawaii *ω*—

January&February with friends ♡

On January 21st, I met Tomoyo♡ —we were volunteers in the Okurayama library together in October— in Sannomiya to eat lunch together. It was, like always, a great time talking with her ☆ She speaks French perfectly, she’s always really nice with me … I love her♥

On the 22d, Suyun invited me to cook in her host-family house for the Chinese New Year \(^ω^)/ Great time with her really kind host-family, and with her ♡

And I met Lindsey, Suyun and Shiho in Sannomiya, on the 29th, to go to the Chinatown 南京町 for the Chinese New Year ! We saw lot of Chinese dance and music (I’m pretty sure the dancer were freezing, it was so cold), ate a lot of Chinese food, and bought some Kimono 😀

On February 10th, I met again with Tomoyo and we went shopping in Umeda 🙂 Like always, we spent a good time together ^^ and bought lot of stuffs (笑)

On the 15th, Michael and Ashley invited me to a Mexican restaurant for my birthday ♥ They’re always so nice with me >.< I was really happy ^^ It was the most delicious tacos in all my life ! Thank you guys ♡

And on the 17th, I celebrated my birthday with everyone ♪ (next post) but before that, I spent a few hours with Tomoyo, and we took our first purikura together ♡

January – Trip to Tokyo・Fuji no miya・Shizuoka・Nagoya

From January 5th to January 9thI went to Tokyo 東京, where I met my French friends♡, then met up with Amy, Suyun, Mitch and David to go to Fuji no miya 富士宮, where we stayed in a beautiful traditional hotel 旅館 with onsen♥, Shizuoka 静岡 and 名古屋, place where I met Mathilde and Jenny ♡, my friends from Lyon. It was a wonderful trip, even if I missed a lot my host-family and the children ♡

With Lindsey, Mitch, Amy, David and Suyun, we took the bus on the 4th, around 8:00 pm in Sannomiya, direction Tokyo, Shinjuku 新宿. It was a long long night (we arrived at 6:00 am), but we had enough space to sleep a little bit (thanks to the guy who seated next to me, I slept very well XD and I spent the rest of the night talking by mail with my friend Quentin, who was also on a bus to Tokyo 🙂 ) and we had a really good surprise when we stopped once in Nagoya : snow (*ω*) 雪 ♡

When I arrived in Shinjuku, my dear friends Seb and Jonathan came to welcome me, and after a little while, we met Thibault, Quentin and Clémence. And we all went to Tsukiji 築地, the biggest fish market, where we bought a delicious fresh salmon (*ω*)
Then we went to Harajuku 原宿 where we met Floraine and Emilie, and then to Shibuya 渋谷 to eat lunch.
After that, we went to Hosei University 法政大学 —where Thibault and Clémence were studying this year— to admire a beautiful sunset with Mount Fuji 富士山 in the background (*ω*)
Then, Emilie, Seb and I went to Shinjuku station —where the famous Hachiko’s status is— to meet Kana and Hitomi to eat dinner all together ♡ And I went to Emilie’s dorm in Kichijôji 吉祥寺 where I spent my two nights ♡ Thank you hunnie (^ε^)

The next day, the 6th, she made me visit Kichijôji and Shinjuku with the Tôchô 東京都庁, before having lunch and meeting Seb in Ikebukuro 池袋. The three of us then went to Ueno 上野, did a karaoke before eating dinner and then : we went to Odaiba お台場 and see the beautiful Rainbow Bridge (*ω*)

For my last day in Tokyo, my friends made me see a lot of things ^^ I saw Emilie‘s university —Seikei University 成蹊大学—, then Seb and Jonathan‘s one —Keio University 慶應大学—, we then went to see the Tokyo Tower 東京タワー, to Asakusa 浅草 to see the Sensoji Temple 浅草寺. Then Thibault, met us to go to see the Tokyo Sky Tree (opening in March). And we ran to take purikura together before I met Amy, Suyun, Mitch and David to go to Fuji no miya.

We spent the night in a beautiful Ryokan with Onsen, eating sweets, drinking alcohol and doing pokapoka ポカポカ in the Onsen ^^ After some pillows battle, we finally left the Ryokan around 10:00 am to Shizuoka and Nagoya, where I left them to meet Mathilde and Jenny ♡ I was really happy to meet them, and we talked almost all night long >.<

The next day, they made me visit their university —Kinjo University 金城大学, a women’s university— and some little temples before we eat lunch. I then went to meet Amy, Suyun, Mitch and David and we took the train to Kobe.

I’ll never thanks enough everyone who spent a lot of time with me during these five days and made this trip unforgettable ♡ especially Emilie and Seb ♡

December with my lovely friends ♥

During almost month —if my memory serves me right—, Christmas Illuminations took place in Kobe, Kyôto and Osaka. It’s really similar to “La Fête des Lumières” in Lyon (^ω^) I couldn’t miss it ^^

So I went with Kyohei 恭平 —who spent 2 months in France, in Tours— to see the one in Sannomiya (Kobe) on the 6th. It was really beautiful, but there were too many people so I was really tired when I came home.

Then, on the 10th, I went with Suyun, Michael—an American friend and Taka—a friend from the University who graduated now— to Mino park 箕面公園 to see the Momiji with some monkeys ^^ It was kind of cold, but we walked and hiked a lot, with beautiful landscapes. It was really fun (^ω^) and then, we went to Mount Arashi 嵐山, where we met Paul, Seina, Kana, Amy, Cherryl and Will, to see the Kyoto Illuminations. It was beautiful but it was really crowded and so freak** cold that we weren’t able to really enjoy it. When dinner time came, we found a warm place where Kohei 昂平—a friend from the University— met us, and ate really hot&delicious Curry Udon カレーうどん. We were all really tired and really cold, but we slept well, and the next day, I met up with Suyun and Lindsey ♡.

We went to Universal Studio Japan (*ω*) ! It was my first time and it was awesome ! It was the Christmas Theme, with a magical Christmas Parade ^^ We did a lot of attractions (including Space Fantasy —my favorite— and Hollywood Dreams —Jet Coaster— ), ate a lot of cute foods, and took a lot of pictures ♡ It was a beautiful day spent with my two beautiful and beloved friends ♡

Then, on the 22th, it was Mitch Birthday ! To celebrate it, we went to an awesome bar in Umeda 梅田 (in Osaka) called Captain Kangaroo  and it was a really good party with everyone 🙂

On the 25th, Suyun, Will, Nikki and Donwan —two Koreans students— went to a house near mine to celebrate Christmas☃ with one of their previous exchange student, Tony, who came to visit them. The mom is fond of cooking and she especially likes French food, so she made a “Raclette” and other French/Spanish/Japanese stuff. She eventually bought Champagne ! ^ω^ We exchanged presents, talked and drank a lot (red wine >.< ).

Finally, I met Suyun on the 27thto go a second time to USJ ♥ We saw other Christmas show, did a lot of attractions and went home early ’cause it was really cold. It was a great day together ♡ Love you Suyun