June 17th – The Nutcracker Ballet at Lake Biwa Hall with Robert ♥

In Kônan University, Robert‘s (the one from Germany, not the one involved in the Bunraku Program) Japanese teacher Morikawa-sensei invited Robert and me to her daughter’s ballet performance (*ω*) It was in the Lake Biwa Hall 滋賀県立芸劇場びわ湖ホール, a really beautiful theater (*ω*) and it was a wonderful ballet, with a wonderful flute orchestra —only women— ☆彡 I have no word to describe this amazing show *ω* I’ll never thanks enough Morikawa-sensei to invited us to such a wonderful show ! And it was a wonderful day spent with Robert (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) ♥

(the fifth last pictures are from Robert 🙂 )

June with my 大好きな friends ♡

It was just 6 days before I leave Kobe for Nagahama, so my friends and I wanted to create memories as much as we can ♡

On May 31st, I went to Chikako and Luc‘s house, in Okamoto, to see your little cute baby Melina ♥

On the 1st, I ate lunch with Yurie and Reiko in the Chinese Cafe in Okamoto (the one I went to with Lindsey and Kim), and dinner with Nana in the Mexican Restaurant (the one Michael and Ashley brought me to for my birthday). We talked a lot together, and it was really fun (*ω*) I love you ♡

On the 3rd, Tomoyo invited me to her house in Takarazuka 宝塚 where her lovely mum, Chikako, cooked a wonderful Japanese 和食 lunch for us \(*ω*)/ Her house is just amazing ! I wish one day I’ll be able to live in such a beautiful and functional house (^ω^) and Chikako is the best cook I’ve ever known ! I’ll remember for ever all the meals she cooked for us ♡ Thank you so much ♡
And for dinner, I went to Mukonoso 武庫之荘 —where Nana and U-chan were living— to have dinner with her and Takashi in our favorite —and cheap— Indian Restaurant (*ω*) .
A wonderful day with wonderful people ♥

On the 4th, I went to Kônan University where I met with Will, Nana, Makoto and others in Ajisai Room ♡ It was also the first day for the Summer Intensive Program Students in the university 🙂
And with Will, Nana and U-chan, we met Taka around 6 pm to go eat dinner in the Chinese Cafe in Okamoto ♥

♡ Thank you guys, for all the memories we made before I went to Nagahama ♡

May 18th – Farewell Party ♡

♡ みんな一年間ありがとう ♡ 夢みたい一年間だったね ♡ 楽しい思い出いっぱい出来て、一生に忘れられない ♡

May or the last month in Kônan University ♡

Since I went to Fukuoka and Shikoku during the Golden Week, I brought souvenirs 御土産 for my friends, the Japanese teachers and for the KIEC ♪ When I was in Fukuoka&Shikoku, Suyun and Lindsey (with Caroline and Charlotte) went to Hokkaido 北海道; Ashley went to Taiwan and Hong Kong to meet family; Mitch visited Kansai area; Amy went to the south part of Kyushu 九州. So everyone brought Omiyage for everyone (^ω^)

From the 11th to the 13th, it was the “weekend francophone” organized by the French teachers for students who wants to come ^^ David and me joined them, and we had a fantastic time together 🙂 We talked a lot, had some classes, cooked a lot, and have fun together ^^ Kohei, Hanae, Kohsuke and Tomoki were here too ♡ Kohsuke and Tomoki can speak French very well ’cause they went two months in Tour in a host-family; Hanae is now studying abroad at my university Lyon III ♡

Then, from the 14th until the 17th, we took many pictures in class and in Ajisai room. No one could believe the nine months we spent together were about to end … 😦

April in the university

On the 4th, Lindsey and Amy drew some (weird) birds-like things during Japanese class (don’t worry, we were also studying ^^)

On the 20th, International Exchange Committee —who organized the Welcome Party in October— organized a very nice Farewell Party for us ♡ We did a lot of games; they even made some certificate for us ! So lovely ♡

On the 25th, it was the Japanese Speech Contest organized by all the Japanese teachers for all the exchange students ! Lindsey and Mitch won the 1st prize 優秀賞, I won with Caroline, Alister and Larry the “prize for effort” 努力章 🙂

Then, on the 26th, it was the welcome party for 4 new exchange students from Taiwan and China, including Hiromi and Chris ♥ I really sympathized with them, they’re really nice (*ω*)

January – February – March at the university

First of all, in January began the second semester with new classes. I choose Otherness and Minorities in Modern Japanese Literature, with the awesome Tierney-sensei 😀 and Japanese Cinema, with Rycroft-sensei.

On January 23rd, it was Aiko-chan and Donwan‘s farewell party organized by the KIEC in Ajisai room 😦
It was a great time spent with them and with everyone who came, but I was sad to let them go >.< From this day started all the parties… I did with my dear Aiko-chan ♥ Even now, I still remember her beautiful smile (*ω*) She’s now studying in Australia, and I’ll do my best to meet her in Taiwan one day ♡

On February 14th, it was Valentine Day ♡ I thus gave my ともチョコ and 義理チョコ (the chocolate I made with Yo-chan) to all my friends and teachers, and received some from my friends too ^ω^ In Japan, February 14th is the day when girls give chocolate to the boys/girls/teachers they like or they are indebted to. And on March 14th, call White Day, boys are supposed to give something back to every person who gave chocolate to them ^^ and they did 😀

On February 14th, our dear Art History teacher, West-sensei left us to go back to America 😦 KIEC thus organized a little farewell party with the biggest cake ever (not really but still ^^). I hope I will have the chance to meet him again; he was really nice with me, since I wasn’t able to speak English a lot >.<; and we learnt a lot of interesting things about Japan, even if we were all sleeping almost all the time (lol)

On March 21st, our Japanese teachers organized a “traditional Japanese cultural activities” morning with every students ^^ Volunteers came and told us stories (Kami-shiba) and taught us how to fold paper (折り紙). Then, some students told the stories they wrote ^^ Mitch and Suyun‘s one were the best XD It was a really interesting and funny morning 😀

On the 23rd, D class, with our Japanese teacher Tomisaka-sensei, went to Kobe Science Museum 博物館 in Sannomiya where we were able to see an exposition about Kiyomori 清盛 (Kobe-de-Kiyomori (Japanese) )

On the 24th, it was Taka and Takashi‘s Graduation Day 卒業式. We thus met in Ajisai-room with Kohei, Nana, U-chan … After that, they started to be really busy with their job, but fortunately we were still able to meet a lot 😀
We then went to a karaoke, and met my French friend Emilie ♡ who were staying in my host family for the night 🙂 We all went in a Thai (?) restaurant before going home 😀 It was a great day with everyone ♪

December – University Events

December, a month Mitch and me didn’t really want to come because we were taking the JLPT N3 on the 4th. We went to the pretty University Kwansai Daigakuin 関西大学院 early in the morning and took the test during 4 hours. A lot of stress but … we did it ! 😀 Congrats Mitch ♥

On the 13th, during Art History class, we had a Ikebana presentation and we were asked to make one 🙂 Thanks to Amy, we did a great one didn’t we ? 🙂

The 16thwas the KIEC Christmas Party at Prof. Tierney’s White House. Everyone came earlier to help with the preparations (food, decorations …) Teachers and KIEC members also came, and it was a really fun party with everyone ♡

Then, on the 23rd, D class had a Tea Ceremony time with our very liked Japanese Teacher 富坂先生. Lindsey explained us very well the way to do, and made everything gone well, thank you Lindsey ♡ Happy day before the Christmas Holidays 🙂

November – University Events

On the 9th, it was Kimono Day in my Japanese class (^ω^) It means that everyone was supposed to wear a Kimono. Of course, most of the students were, like me, too lazy to wear a Kimono before going to class … so in the end, only 3 students wore one, Mitch, Lindsey and Suyun ♡ and they were lovely (*ω*)

On the 12th, we had our second Art History Field Trip in Kyoto 京都:

  • Tôji-temple 東寺
  • Sanjûsangendô 三十三間堂
  • Nijo-castle 二条城
  • Ikebana 生け花

It was beautiful; the gardens are like you can imagine, perfect. It was the time when the leafs are taking these beautiful red-orange-yellow colors, the Momiji season 紅葉. A beautiful weather with beautiful landscapes and lovely people ♡ I have to admit I loved this class just for the wonderful trips we had ^^ And the Ikebana was … there’s no word to describe it. With my friend Amy, we spend so many time looking at all these flowers that we forget the time and had the others wait for us >.<

After that, we met other students (Suyun, Will, David —he was living near my house♪a really kind Hawaiian guy— …)to go to Kiyomizu temple 清水寺 to admire the Momiji colors with the special illuminations. Needless to say that it was magical. This temple is really famous in Kyoto, for sure it’s a beautiful temple with a huge and beautiful garden, but during the Momiji season, it’s more than beautiful (*ω*)

On the 24th~25th, it was Konan University Festival 甲南大学祭: students made many food/game stands and it was really fun 🙂

On the 25th, it was Ashley ‘s birthday  ♡ we went to bowling and ate Yakiniku 焼き肉 \o/ it was really fun, and I was really happy to be here for her birthday ♪ アシュ大好き ♡

October – University events

On the 1st, the Art History class went to a Field Trip to Nara 奈良 :

  • Yakushi-ji 薬師寺 (named World Heritage temple)
  • Tôdai-ji 東大寺 (with the Big Buddha Vairocana inside)

It was my first time to Nara, and I was lucky ’cause I met my two friends from my French university ♡ I didn’t really liked the deer, but the two temples were really impressive, so it was a great day 🙂

On the 14th, it was SPICE Party, organized in Kônan university by some clubs. It was really fun to meet new Japanese people, they organized many games, with many things to win ^^

On the 15th, some students and one of the KIEC member, Okawa-san, we went to Kyoto 京都, to assist to a Tea Ceremony 茶道 and then, see the Golden Pavilion 金閣寺. This day was the most beautiful day for me, because I met my lovely Chinese and Taiwanese friends, Nana, U-chan, Aiko and Will ♡ I spent most of my time with them, they went many times to my house, we shared so many things together ♡
Plus, it was the first time I did Tea Ceremony —Japanese green tea 抹茶 is sooo good *ω*— and the first time I see the Kinkaku-ji 🙂

On the 21st, we had the International Exchange Committee Welcome Party in the Hirao Seminar House. Great time spent with the Japanese and Exchange students ♪ As the previous party, the Japanese students did a really good job for this party.

On the 22d, I was volunteer in the library of Okurayama 大倉山 (in Kobe) with my Japanese friend Tomoyo —who speak French really well—, to read French and Japanese stories (we read Lisa&Gaspard) and play French and Japanese games with little children. They were so cute, trying to understand what I was saying in French, or trying to play the games ^^

On the 27th, we had host-family party in the University. The staff provided us the lunch, and each host-family came. It was just after the Japanese midterms, a great time to enjoy with everyone and to relax. And since I took 100/100 on the Kanji exam, my host-family bought a cake to celebrate it ^^

On the 29th, the Literature class went to see a Bunraku show 文楽 in Osaka and then, we ate with Tierney-sensei in an Izakaya ^^ (and drank a lot) ! It was lot of fun with everyone 😀

On the 30th, I went with Tomoyo to see Japanese Traditional Dance 日本舞踊 with her mum. *ω* I loved it! It’s totally different from the dance we usually know in Europe; it’s kind of slow, with pure movements and pure expressions… A revelation for me.

And then, on the 31st, we celebrated Halloween in the Ajisai-room (the room in the University where we, the exchange students, usually spent most of our time, and where many Japanese students came and talked with us). Funny day, which ended in Baskin Robbins to eat Halloween flavor icecream 🙂


My first month in Japan was, like every other months, a really busy month : my host-family brought me everywhere near my house, helped me with my mobile phone, my Health Insurance, my Alien Registration Card …

My host-mum went with me on the 12th, first day in the university as a student, and after the Japanese Placement Test, she ate with me. I had been placed on the C class, but since it was too easy for me, I went to the D class (class levels are from A=beginners to E=advanced), with Danica, Jenifer, Suyun, Amy, Lindsey and Mitch ♡

We experienced on the 21th our first hurricane/typhoon (?) 暴風雨 so classes were cancelled. —About the class, we had Japanese class every morning, from 9:00 to 11:20, from 9:00 to 12:10 on Friday. For the first semester, I chose Japanese Art History, a really fascinating class with a really nice teacher (little bit boring though, everyone was sleeping, me included XD ) and Japanese Literature, the most interesting class I have ever had, with the most amazing teacher I have ever met. Thanks to him, I made my mind for my master and my thesis’ subject.— It was the day I met my host-father’s dad, お祖父さん, a really kind man.

Then, some Fiesta in the university (International Fiesta 国際フィエスター) and some karaoke’s party with Mayu (my Japanese Sister from the University) and the others French people.