Back to see the Sôgôundôkôen’s fireworks

I went back to Kôbe on August 10th, after spending the day with Robert! A little bit sad to say goodbye to the Tonda family and to him, but so happy to go back to my lovely city!
On August 11th, after spending the day playing flute and horn with the children, we all went to the next train’s stop (called 総合運動公園 Sôgôundôkôen, litteraly “parc of general sports) to see our last fireworks festival!

August 6th – 長浜花火大会 (Fireworks in Nagahama)

The Mayor of Nagahama offered four tickets to Sensei, Abe-san, Chris and I to assist to the Nahama fireworks’ show. We had the best seats ! And it was the most beautiful Hanabi I’ve ever seen (*´ω`*) So glad I was able to take those pics !