Fukuoka now!

I arrived in Fukuoka on the 12th, late at night, and Antoine, the guy who was doing the internship until the end of July, came to pick me up at the airport before going to the guest house (Sharely Style Hakata) he was living in (and the one I am now living in)!

On the next day, I met up with my lovely Japanese friend Marina-japonaise (we were working in the same Japanese restaurant in Lyon) in Tenjin 天神, where we ate delicious Hakata ramen ou Tonkotsu-ramen (博多ラーメン・豚骨ラーメン, la spécialité d’Hakata, ramen aux os de porc)! We talked a lot since we hadn’t met since she left Lyon on the end of February… It was a really nice day ♡

On July 19th-20th, I went to Kumamoto 熊本 to see my French friend Marion (we were at the same uni’ in Lyon) and my American friend Zak (which I met on the Tonda program last year)! I arrived late at night so we just went to an izakaya, but we spent the next whole day walking around in the nature! It was beautiful (despite the mosquitoes) and really fun with them! Love you ♡

On July 28th, a few days before Antoine left Fukuoka, we went to an island near Fukuoka named Nokonoshima のこの島 with Erika (who’s working in the French Institute) and a French friend of her! Taking the boat, walking in the bamboo forest and chilling on the beach (*≧∇≦*) Sounds like holidays!