A month with my lovely friends ♡

A month is not enough to do everything you want and see everyone you’d like to, but a lot of my friends manage to see me during my short stay!
Arigatô ♡

July 15th~17th – Gion Festival 祇園祭

As I said in the previous post, I woke up early on the 15th to take the train to Kyôto, where all my Tonda buddies were waiting for me. We were spending three days there for the Gion Festival, which is the most famous Japanese festival. This festival basically goes for the entire month of July, and is crowned by a parade on July 17th, the Yamaboko Junkô 山鉾巡行. (More information on Wiki or here-Japanese only).
We spent our first day in Kyôto in Fushimi Inari, eating the bentô our hostfamily made for us (my Kôbe hostmum made it for me ♡). As usual, Eric and I were racing and chasing each other and Roisin was laughing at us xD (Guys I miss you so much!). Then, we went back to the hotel, wore our yukata, and had a drink before going out in Kyôto’s streets where the festival was going on.

On the next day, July 16th, I went with Roisin and Eric to have breakfast in a nice coffee place before walking around in the Gion district. We even saw a geisha (It was probably a maiko tho but anyway) ! Then, we met everyone in the hotel for lunch before going to the Imperial Garden 京都御所 (Japanese or English only) with Roisin and Eric ♡.

On the 17th, I met Nana, U-chan and Will to see the main parade. We stood in the corner of one of the main streets for hours to be sure to have the best spot (lol). It was really hot (as always at this period in Kyôto) and it was so crowded we couldn’t even do a step. But we hadn’t seen each other for two months (except Nana) and were so happy to be together that it didn’t matter a lot.
After the parade, we spent the whole afternoon together before going back to our home, Kôbe for Nana, U-chan and Will and Nagahama for me and my Bunraku buddies 🙂

It was a really fun time in Kyôto, and thanks to this little trip, I got to like Kyôto very much \(^ω^)/